Fly Like Aeroplanes, with Ric May and some of his bandmates

Please join us this Wednesday December 17th in our conversation with Ric May and John Branch, of the local music group Fly Like Aeroplanes, as we talk about their first album, writing songs, and so much more.

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“I invited Ric May and John Branch to come talk about their new album Fly Like Aeroplanes on my radio show Writing on the Air. What I look for in writers as well as musicians, is their ability to tell a story, to construct a narrative, to touch their readers or listeners on an emotional level. The production value of Fly Like Aeroplanes is excellent. They’re all professional musicians, and there’s not a note out of place. Where they stand out for me, is Ric May’s ability to tell a story with both his words and his guitar picking, backed up by some super tight orchestration. In “The Storm,” we are with him the whole way, we feel the desperation, the loneliness, and yet there is a small hint of hope. Somehow, with some seemingly simple words and his guitar playing, Ric opens up his emotional universe, and expresses everything we need to know. Songwriting is storytelling. It is an amalgam of art forms, and that is where songwriting differs greatly from either straight music composition or poetry. It’s storytelling at several different emotional level, and Fly Like Aeroplane gets it right on all levels. Each song is a separate story, a separate universe, and that’s what I like. Good job!”–François Pointeau, host of Writing on the Air

Ric May got his start in the music industry while working as a busboy at the tender age of ten in a Belfast pub. That’s where he fell in love with music. He has worked with musicians in Los Angeles, London, and now in Austin, TX where he lives. When he and his wife moved to Austin, he started working at the Music Lab as a production guy. This is where he met and started working with John Branch and Rachel Fuhrer. May sought Jonas Wilson out after being inspired by his work. “I showed up at at Plastic Habit gig,” May says of Wilson, “at Holy Mountain with a guitar, uninvited mind you, and told him I wrote a record for him to produce / be a part of. He said, ‘let’s hear it.’ He agreed to do the record with me. That became Fly Like Aeroplanes. I wrote and played the record with John and Rachel in mind.”

John Branch was born in Fort Worth, and moved to Austin in 1995 where he currently lives, though there was a small four year hiatus in Berkeley, CA between 2002 and 2006. John has been a guitar instructor since 2000, and has recently launched his new site, Branch has played or his currently playing with Hard Proof, Mudphonic, Spanish Gold, Golden Dawn Arkestra, and The Echocentrics. “I always try to bring the best music to the situation,” Branch says. “Playing in many different settings on different instruments keeps you informed about all the musical possibilities and not just your favorite tricks. I play guitar, bass, keys, and sing … and will play anything that has a great groove, rock, blues, funk, jazz…”

Austin, Tx rocker Rachel Fuhrer has been one busy drummer. Most recently, she’s been juggling drum duties with her two bands: heavy indie outfit UME (pronounced OOO-may) and mathy, post-hardcore act We’ll Go Machete. She is also a co-owner and instructor at Mercury Music, offering private and group lessons in a variety of styles. When she’s not touring or teaching, Rachel has written pieces for Tom Tom magazine in the publication’s Tips and Techniques department, and also writes a blog dedicated to all things drums Rachel prides herself on the desire to be a versatile musician and sits in with a variety of artists as often as possible ranging from rock, funk and psych-rock to electronic, experimental and metal. She has also been involved in a number of theater productions, operas, soundtracks, and small ensembles as a drummer, percussionist, and collaborator.

Jonas Wilson is a guitar player, keyboardist, and songwriter who has worked in Austin TX since the age of 15 as a young blues guitarist. He has been a solo artist and involved with many bands, some of which include: Lomita, The White White Lights, Goudie, Alpha Rev, Elijah Ford and The Bloom, What Made Milwaukee Famous, Tod Schnider, Bp fallon and many more. He’s also been writing scores for various projects, including Lambs (Winner of the Hollywood Film Festival, Official Selection Cannes 2010). He has taught young bands and artists, some with thriving careers, such as Residual Kid and Grace London.

Jonas currently lives and works in Austin TX, but continues to work around the country. He still performs regularly with Aaron Behrens and The Midnight Stroll and solo shows with his new trio. He works for hire as a keyboardist and guitarist and can be seen with many acts. Jonas has been featured in the popular Austin music documentary film Echotone with his band The White White Lights.