Thomas Zigal

Every week is exciting, and this week is no different, except that maybe it’s just a tad bit more exciting, because our guest was awarded the Texas Institute of Letters’ Jesse Jones Award for Fiction last week. Thomas Zigal, author of “Many Rivers to Cross” will talk about writing and the writing process.

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Listen to the interview.

Thomas Zigal was born in Galveston, Texas, in 1948 and grew up in nearby Texas City. He attended high school in Louisiana and received degrees from The University of Texas at Austin and Stanford University. He has been publishing short stories, reviews, and essays for 40 years, and he is the author of three popular crime novels set in Aspen, Colorado. He has completed two novels of a trilogy-in-progress set in New Orleans – The White League and Many Rivers to Cross – and he is at work on book three. He lives in Austin with his wife and stepchildren.

You can learn more about Thomas by checking out his website,

Photo by Charlie Palafox.