Tatiana Ryckman and Marc the Madman Dulang

Please join us for another great edition of Writing on the Air. Our guests this week are author & magazine editor Tatiana Ryckman, and singer-songwriter Marc the Madman Dulang.

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Tatiana Ryckman is currently the Managing Editor of The Austin Review, and has recently joined Sunnyoutside Press as Assistant Editor. She’s been leading Creative Writing workshops through UT’s informal classes for a few years now, and started teaching with Badgerdog this past summer. Tatiana is especially excited about her first chapbook, Twenty-Something, which is a collection of short fiction that just came out.

You can learn more about her collection of short fiction Twenty-Somthing on GoodReads.

For over a decade Marc the Madman Dulang has been integrating his knowledge of composition with soulful blends of blues, jazz, rock, and Latin music. With only his guitar and a backpack he traveled to Central and South America working as a street musician and teacher of music. As a modern day Renaissance man and Yogi, The Madman creates music so as to enjoy novel and nostalgic ideas. “I think the thing about music is we communicate through remembering what we’ve already done. Not knowing doesn’t occur. We may only play something we’ve forgotten from before. That’s how music and the World continue moving. It never stops playing.”

Marc will be performing at the Whip In in South Austin on Thursday, October 16th.

You can follow Marc on Facebook at facebook.com/MarcTheMadman, and you can learn more about him on his website, set.f/artists/Marc-the-Madman.