Marguerite Williams and Jon Guttman as well as a special appearance by Steph Opitz

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This week we have an interview with co-authors Marguerite Williams and Jon Guttman about their new book “Madam President” prerecorded earlier this September, as well as an in-studio conversation with Steph Opitz, the new literary director of the Texas Book Festival.

Listen to the Interview.

Marguerite Williams
is a native of Texas and a graduate of the University of Texas where she earned degrees in English and Spanish. She is a widely published essayist and the co-author of two previous books as well as a freelance editor and writing consultant. A long-time local politician, Williams is a Senior Fellow of the American Leadership Forum.

Jon Guttman is an award-winning media and communications specialist and the co- founder of Winslow Advertising Group/HVHM in New York City where he served as creative director. A graduate of NYU, his extensive experience in the entertainment industry includes writing, directing and producing ads and radio spots for a wide variety of clients.

You can find out more about their book “Madam President” by visiting Amazon.

Literary Director Steph Opitz serves as the Festival’s literary director, responsible for developing and implementing year-round literary programming in Austin and other Texas cities, including the annual two-day Texas Book Festival in Austin. She has a master’s degree in English from California State University in Los Angeles, and bachelor’s degrees in English and Religious Studies from the University of Minnesota. Opitz previously served as the programs and strategic communications director for the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses, as well as programming coordinator for Red Hen Press.Opitz has also been associate editor of NANO Fiction and served on the board of Late Night Library. In addition to being literary director of Texas Book Festival, Opitz currently serves on the literary council and as fiction co-chair for the BrooklynBook Festival in New York, and is books reviewer for Marie Claire magazine.

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