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This week, we’re pleased to welcome NYT best selling author, Leila Meacham. Her new novel is called TITANS (Grand Central Publishing, 2016).

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leila meachamLeila Meacham came out of nowhere in 2011 when her epic novel, ROSES spent eight weeks on the New York Times’s hardcover best-seller list. She followed that up with TUMBLEWEEDS which made its debut at number 25. Next came SOMERSET, the prequel to ROSES, and now TITANS, just released in April.

She has all but redefined the Texas historical novel.

Leila graduated from North Texas State University with a Bachelors of Arts degree, and went into teaching. She married a US Air Force pilot during the Viet Nam war years, and after their sojourns out of state, Leila resumed her career.

Roses by Leila MeachamShe took a brief foray into writing in the mid-1980s, publishing three romance novels.

Grand Central Publishing  has acquired republication and will begin releasing them later this year

Before retiring from teaching, Leila taught English at Converse Judson High School outside San Antonio where she was twice elected Teacher of the Year.

Leila and her husband, Dick live in San Antonio where she’s busy at work on her next novel.

Titans by Leila MeachamWhat they’re saying about TITANS:


 “Equals and perhaps surpasses Roses…It has everything any reader could want in a book…epic storytelling that plunges the reader headfirst into the plot…[Meacham] is a titan herself.”  ―Huffington Post


“(A) stellar crash course in Texas history….The novel has it all: a wide cast of characters, pitch-perfect period detail, romance, plenty of drama, and skeletons in the closet (literally). Saga fans will be swooning.” ―Booklist (starred review)


“(A) dramatic family tale… you won’t be able to quit… Emotionally resounding… best savored over a great steak with a glass of wine and evenings to yourself.” ―BookReporter

 About TITANS:

Texas, 1880…. a young mother gives away one of her newborn twins. For 20 years, the twins live in different areas of Texas. Neither knows the other exists. Samantha, bright and personable, a privileged only child, is close to her father and, as his only heir, aims to become the best possible rancher. Nathan shares his twin’s intelligence and drive but – his mother favors two younger siblings – he can’t take his future for granted.

Texas, 1900. Meacham braids Nathan’s and Samantha’s individual stories, allowing the reader, who knows their history, to make connections the twins cannot. As adults, the twins meet, develop a casual friendship, and share mutual friends and business associates. When Samantha finds a dinosaur skull on land marked for oil exploration, the decision to preserve the site or drill on it affects the fortunes of several families. Old rivalries and suspicions surface among the older generation, while the twins, through inevitably painful revelations, discover the meaning of loyalty.

“Titans” is a misnomer for these (mostly) decent people. Although Texas was on the cusp of the oil boom by 1900, this is a novel about family love and retribution as much as wealth or ambition. What makes Titans successful is how skillfully the author involves readers in the characters’ lives, and keeps us reading, as we watch the plot play out. Recommended for fans of family sagas. ―Historical Novel Society

For more information, please visit LeilaMeacham.com. You can also find Leila on Facebook.