Laura Roberts

On Wednesday 04.04.12, Host Francois Pointeau talks with guest Laura Roberts.

Listen to the Interview.

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Laura Roberts is the author of REBELS OF THE 512, aka “the best satirical novel you’ll ever read about pirates, ninjas and evil politicians in Austin, Texas.” She is currently working on her follow-up, NAKED MONTREAL, which is loosely based on her days as a sex columnist in the Sin City of the North. Originally from the Windy City, Laura has lived in the Bronx, Brooklyn, several strange cities in Ohio, and assorted midwestern towns before relocating with her husband and literary kitty to their post-apocalyptic bunker in Austin. Connect with Laura online at her website,, or follow her on Twitter @originaloflaura for up-to-the-minute details on her latest work and assorted silliness (including Civil Rights Superheroes and all-cat casting for a Princess Bride sequel).

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