Jack Woodville London

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Jack Woodville London is a well-known trial attorney, acclaimed author and World War II historian.

A graduate of the University of Texas Law School and a former captain in the US Army Quartermaster Corps, he and his wife, Alice, live in Austin. His publishing credits date back to 1970 when he was elected managing editor of the University of Texas International Law Journal. Since then he has authored a long list of technical articles and papers on evidence, trial and courtroom procedure, aviation law, and product liability law. He has spoken at legal programs throughout the United States and in England, Scotland, Mexico and Canada.

The novelist within him, delayed while he rose in the legal profession and until his children were grown, was always restless. In the summer of 2003 Jack put aside legal writing to enroll in the prestigious writing school of St. Céré, France. He graduated in the class that included acclaimed Canadian playwright Leeann Minogue and Germaine Stafford, winner of the Debut Dagger Award.

His French Letters series of novels are praised for their meticulous historical research and ability to capture the language, attitudes, and moral culture of their setting in prose described by reviewers as ‘beautiful, but not pretentious.’

French Letters: Virginia’s War, the first of three novels in the series, was released to uncommon critical acclaim in 2009. It was a finalist for “Best Novel of the South,” an award given by the Anderson Foundation in honor of Willie Morris, the author and teacher who was John Grisham’s Mentor. It was also a finalist for the Military Writers Society of America award for Best Historical Novel of the Year.

The second novel in the series, French Letters: Engaged in War, released September 14, 2010 won Jack the Author of the Year Award.

From his days as a U.S. Army quartermaster officer to the lectures he now gives, London has spent much of his life exploring a deep interest in World War II and its effects on the home front—particularly small towns. Born out of that deep interest is The Letter Project, a nationwide project to collect, dust off and showcase letters to and from veterans of all wars. Learn more about this effort here.