Elizabeth Harris

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Elizabeth Harris

Prize-winning fiction author Elizabeth Harris joins us this week on Writing On the Air.

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Elizabeth Harris is the author of two prize-winning books of fiction, The Ant Generator, a collection of stories from the University of Iowa Press, and the recently released Mayhem: Three Lives of a Woman, a novel from Gival Press. She taught fiction writing and modern lit at the University of Texas at Austin, where she lives with her husband, looks at birds, and reads “everything I can.”

Mayhem, set in a fictional Central Texas of 1917-1954, presents a fictional tale from women’s history: a story of injustice, rural violence, and partial redemption. Reviewers have called it, “a masterpiece,” “a sophisticated act of sisterhood,” a plumbing of “the Western myth…,” “an exploration of ”the dynamics of rural southern culture,” and more.

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