Danithan Mejia & Will Kauber of New South Festival of Literary Arts & Cartooning

Please join us this Wednesday as we talk with Danithan Mejia & Will Kauber of New South Festival of Literary Arts & Cartooning.

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Danithan Mejia has been active in Austin’s literary scene since his move here six years ago. A comics enthusiast and an avid supporter of small press, he is perhaps best known as the founder and former editor of Foxing Quarterly, a local literary and arts journal.

New South Festival of Literary Arts & Cartooning, his latest endeavor, is a culmination of all his creative interests: zines, minicomics, literature, small press publishing, and print culture.


Will Kauber is an Austin, Tx based creative and founding member of Raw Paw Press and Records where he is currently Editor-In-Chief. He wishes to help develop and steer the flow of art and technology towards it’s best course; whether it be migrating to the stars or being entrenched in virtual realities in massive subterranean shelters, creative expression will thrive.