Bryce Wilson and special prerecorded interview with Kelsey Erin Shipman

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Our feature guest is Bryce Wilson, however we start with a short prerecorded interview that took place during The Austin Feminist Poetry Festival with poet Kelsey Erin Shipman.

Listen to the Interview.

Bryce Wilson has worked as a film critic for the San Luis Obispo New Times for the past eight years. He has also written for the website inReads as well as his own blog Things That Don’t Suck, where you can read about his thoughts on film horror and otherwise. He currently resides in Austin Texas, where he is preparing his first novel for publication.

In his own words, “Danse Macabre, Stephen King’s study of the horror genre from 1950- 1980, is one of my all time favorite books. King has always been a personable writer, and Danse Macabre is less a dry academic study and more like carrying around a conversation with one’s favorite author. I’ve longed for King to write a sequel and now that thirty years have passed, leaving a period of time neatly mirrored to the original text, it seems the perfect moment to do so.”

“Unfortunately, since King seemingly has no inclination to write said sequel (though as the excellent essay published in front of the new edition of Danse attests, he has not run out of insightful things to say about the genre) the only way I will get to read such a book is if I write it myself.”