Doing the Funny with Bill O’Bryant and his troupe of comedians

Well, this WOTA show should be a fun one! We’ve got a house full of stand-up comics in-studio to tell us about their art form, how they go about being funny, and every thing else concerning stand-up comedy. They will all be doing a show at Skylark Lounge the following Sunday!

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We will be giving away tickets to the comedy show during the radio show! So, tune in on Wednesday from 6-7pm on 91.7FM or stream us LIVE at

Bill O’Bryant has been an Austin resident since 1985. He started his comedy career with the improve group “Comedy Sports Austin Franchise” in 1988.

In 1990, he began performing Stand Up Comedy and Theater. He’s performed at the Cap City aka Laff Stop, Velveeta Room, and toured cities throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Virginia, and Connecticut. He has opened for Earl David Reed, D’Militant, Kathleen Madigan, and Jamie Foxx.

In 2003, he retired from comedy shortly after the birth of his 2nd child in 1999 following complications of not being able to lactate!

However, his love for stand up would not die, so he’s back doing the “Funny” and wants to give Austin’s upcoming comics a platform to sharpen their craft with experiencing live performances and represent them as a manager; then stealing all their money leaving them bankrupt. LOL!

Ella Gale is a newcomer to the comedy scene, and she’s been working hard to bring the funny. A Colorado native, she suspects that standup is the most truthful of all of the arts, and she tries to bring honesty to her nerdy, dirty joke slinging. She hosts Bomb Shelter, a monthly open mic at Nasty’s Bar (next show January 4th), and is a veteran of the Dress Rehearsal and the Velveeta Room.

Montgomery Wayne was born in Poteet, Tx. Raised on armadillo ranch in West Texas providing speed bumps for the entire state. Yearned for star travel in those big and bright nights. Kicked out of NASA for illegal use of government property (allegedly took Space Shuttle for unauthorized joy ride.) Inventor of the D_PS.W. -Le. Dachsund Propelled Space Wagon. Father of children in 27 confirmed countries, 3 planets and possibly one in another galaxy. A red belt in Marital Arts. Winner of the annual Pecos County jalapeno eating contest 6 times. The only earthling known to have traveled to eight planets in our galaxy and the big rock Pluto. Widely known to be the Ambassador to theCosmos.

Mica (Meeka) McCook is a native Austinite and darn proud of it too! Inspired by many female comedians as a kid, Mica watched performers such as Gilda Radner, Whoopi Goldberg, Ellen DeGeneres, Lisa Lampanelli, and Phyliss Diller; and like many dreamers out there she decided to pursue a career as a performer. A neophyte to the comedy scene here in Austin, but looking forward to “getting my feet wet”.

Ben Roscillo: I moved to Austin, TX from Maine because of the weather, def not the traffic, which I assume will get worse as time goes on. I love doing comedy because it gives something to look forward to at the end of the day as opposed to TV dinners and a recliner. I think I have that Peter Pan disease because I don’t know how to stop having fun and be an adult. That might also mean that I drink too much. Oh well, parties always end, enjoy it while you can.

Abe Dashner moved here from Kansas and started his comedy career in Austin. Abe’s view of comedy has a dysfunctional family twist with a dash of humility. You will never meet a down to earth comic like Abe. He is well grounded and funny. He’s also, the host of Skylark Lounge Open Mic every Monday starting at 9pm.

Jesse Lopez is a Mexican from South Texas. Moved to Austin and began his comedy career. He’s a favorite at open Mic’s and private parties. His humor is not for kids; but is real and raw and if you can handle the truth then you will enjoy his honest view of life. Also, he was voted Mexican of the year by his girlfriend.