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  • Nathaniel P. Jensen

    Nathan Jensen is an illustrator, an animator, a designer, a painter, a muralist, and a local community organizer, as well as being a husband and father.

    How he manages to juggle all these titles and their respective responsibilities is a feat we are going to talk about this Wednesday, January 20th, from 6 till 7 pm Central Texas Time on 91.7 KOOP.org FM radio, during the show . If you are not in central Austin, Texas, you can still catch the show live on KOOP.org, or you can come back a couple of days after the show, and listen to the pod-cast on Writing On The Air Previous Shows.

    Nathan’s bread and butter has been his work on illustrations. He frequently works for Texas Realtor Magazine, The Austin Chronicle, as well as having illustrated several children’s books.

    Nathan illustrated the book Rattlesnake Rules, by Conrad J. Storad, and the following three books also by Conrad J. Storad, and published by Resort Gift Unlimited: Desert Night Shift, Life in the Slow Lane , & Don’t Ever Cross That Road!. Nathan also did the illustration on the following book, A Train Story, by Dolores Mosser.

    As an animator, Nathan got his start working with an old roommate of his called Bob Sabiston on a set of shorts for PBS called “Figures of Speech.” And then followed through by working on two Richard Linklater projects, Walking Life & A Scanner Darkly.

    As a designer, Nathan has done everything from designing business cards & brochures to posters, programs, artwork for big corporations, to web-pages and so much more. He designed his own website, www.natespace.com, and is involved with such organizations as Main.org, and Txarts.com in these functions. Recently, Nathan was hard at work creating designs and working for Ricardo Hernandez, Janet Siebert, and sculptor Jesus Moroles on a proposed renovation of Republic Square Park in Austin.

    As a painter, I need only to quote Nathan directly: “Oil painting is my passion and my meditation. It is something I must do to feel comfortable and mark my emotions to a time. I work a lot with the dimensionality of the canvas. Many of my painting works bulge and twist off of the wall. In the last years, I discovered a process that allows for a curved shape for the outer edge as opposed to the standard rectangle. My characters in my paintings are often elongated, non-symmetrical and conscious of the viewer.”

    Nathan has had exhibits of his work in Austin & Houston, TX, in Charleston, SC, Long Island, NY, Mullumbimby, Australia, and Paris, France.

    You can learn a lot more about Nathan by visiting his website. You can start here and here, and say hello on his Facebook page. You can see a lot more of his work on his Youtube account.

    "When I returned from Australia, I was going to make Austin my home. I'd travelled all around the U.S. and to the other side of the earth and found no better place to be. But I made myself a deal in that I had to become involved in the community."

    Nathan has had a heavy hand in local artist peer groups, and has been a very active member of the Austin Visual Arts Association, where he's held many an important Chairs position.

    As usual, Writing on the Air will be broadcast live from 6 till 7 pm on Wednesday Central Texas Time. Dillon McKinsey, Lee K. Davis, Dr. Dora Robinson, and myself Francois Pointeau will probably be present.